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Tree Retention and Tree Planting Plans

Through Land Development applications, Municipalities are requiring mitigative measures to address and reduce long-term negative impacts to forest environments. This could be through a Tree Retention Plan pre-development activity, Forest Edge Management Plan during the construction /site alteration period and/or a Tree Planting/Remedial Action Plan during the post development activity period.

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Forest Tax Incentive Plans

A Provincial program to provide woodlots owners a 75% reduction in eligible property taxes.

AWS can prepare management plans specific to your property goals for wildlife habitat, environmental protection, recreational use or timber production.   As a Provincially Certified Managed Forest Plan Approver, we can also approve plans by the landowner which follow sustainable forestry practices and established program standards.

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Woodlot Assessments & Tree Marking

AWS can provide a market value woodlot assessment from pre and post cutting operations on land value for realty purposes, Forest stand assessments on Tree health, Tree age structure, species composition and regeneration activity/success.  

Tree making services range from fuelwood marking for overall woodlot stand improvement to commercial timber harvesting operations.

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Bare-root Tree & Shrub Nursery

AWS nursery is a tree and shrub seedling grower, specializing in native deciduous and conifer species, field grown and available for sale as bare-root (no soil) stock during the spring planting season. Landscape size stock is also available for order through our grower distributors.