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When a development or a land use alteration is proposed within or adjacent to an environmentally sensitive or designated environmental protection area, a natural heritage analysis and impact assessment is commonly requested by regulatory agencies and/or planning authorities prior to development approval.  

Through land use planning this is typically called an 'Environmental Impact Study' (EIS) or similar title, while under the Provincial Aggregate Resources Act, this assessment is referred to as a 'Natural Environment Technical Report', which follows similar field study requirements, protocols and reporting as an EIS.

An EIS undertaking requires a multi-faceted approach to identify key natural heritage features and ecological functions for the development lands and surrounding review lands. Technical protocols and policies to Federal, Provincial, Municipal and Conservation Authorities standards are followed.  An EIS undertaking may be as minor as a Scoped-Site report covering a 1 year - two season field study period to a full EIS reporting extending over multiple years with four season field study period coverage. The study parameters and duration are dependent upon agency pre-consultation review, site conditions/features and extent/complexity of the development proposal.


Environmental Impact Studies for Residential and Commercial Plans of Subdivision, within both urban and rural environments.

Recent reports include:  Residential Subdivisions within the City of Owen Sound, Town of Southampton, Meaford, Listowel, Kincardine and along the Lake Huron Shoreline.  Commercial & Industrial Development Parks and residential rural Subdivisions within woodland environments or adjacent to sensitive natural features.

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Residential Severances/Development Impacts

Environmental Impact Studies and Development Permit Applications for the creation of new residential Lots or delineation of building envelopes within existing Lots occurring on or adjacent to sensitive lands.

Over 150 successful technical reports have been completed for residential Lot creations throughout rural Southern Ontario, Niagara Escarpment planning area, Class EA reporting process for Landfills, Storm Water Management and Municipal Infrastructure projects.

Environmental Impact Studiesdevelopment impact assessmentsenvironmental consulting

Aggregate Resources

Natural Environment Technical Reports (NETR) for Pits and Quarries, Class A and B categories for extraction above and below water table and wayside permits.

Over 80 successful technical reports ranging from:   Above and Below water table extraction Quarry's in Grey and Bruce Counties, Sand pits in Elgin County, Clay Pits in Grey and Simcoe County, Above water table gravel pits throughout Southern Ontario and Below water table gravel pits in Grey, Durham, Oxford and Peel Counties.

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EIS reports and Provincial applications for shoreline alterations along the Great Lakes and Inland water bodies and river systems for dredging, break walls, slope stabilization and marina development.

Recent projects and applications include:  Commercial Marina on Owen Sound Bay, Lake Huron Federal Harbour dredging sites, private boating channels and shoreline protection design fronting private lands.

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