Restoration Plans

Site remediation plans for impacted terrestrial and aquatic habitats including: wetland creation, warm and cold-water stream channel systems, shoreline impacts and water crossings.

Recent projects include:  1km of stream restoration design on White Creek, 1.5km of stream restoration design on Mad River, Wetland creation on the Bighead River system, Woodlands restoration plans on private lands and Otter Creek realignment/restoration.


Flora and Fauna inventory for Species of Conservation Concern on both private and public lands for management options or restoration/protection/maintenance of habitat. Survey assessments range from Wetland evaluations, Over-wintering habitats, Identification of significant species, and delineation of Rare habitat types.

Recent projects include:  Shallow Lake Species-At-Risk Survey, Bruce Peninsula shorelines for sensitive Fens and Alvars, Breeding Bird Surveys, Meaford Land Force Base Training Center Herpetofaunal Survey, Rattlesnake habitat assessments, Maitland River sewage forcemain crossing, Mussel survey's at bridge crossings and Storm Water Management Plan assessments within natural environments.

Fisheries Approvals

Impact Assessment reports with mitigative and compensative plans for Federal authorizations, Provincial agencies and Conservation Authority applications dealing with stream culvert crossings, river bridge crossings, stream realignment, dredging and water taking.

Recent projects include:  Four-year & multi-phase Grey-Bruce County Line reconstruction, Greir Creek new bridge crossing, Mill Creek culvert-superstructure crossing, Saugeen River tributary stream realignment, McClure's Bridge on North Saugeen River, Silver Creek in Town of Walkerton, Aggregate operations for water taking permits.

Monitoring Reports

Terrestrial and Aquatic monitoring reports for short and long-term impact assessments associated with post land use alterations or site remediation monitoring. Reporting for regulatory compliance on mitigative measures to natural habitats and/or associated natural vegetation or flora/fauna populations.

Recent projects include:   Water quality outflow monitoring to Silver Creek from intensive recreational use, Manufacturing plant outflow discharge to Beaver River, Gravel Pit operations adjacent to significant terrestrial/wildlife habitat, Agricultural Drain alteration on Fisheries resources and flora relocation works.